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Fat Guy

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Fat Guy follows the life of Caskey, a 20-something, chubby, pasty, gay actor from the midwest trying to make it in the Big Apple. Along with his best friends, Eva and Kelly, and his slightly psychotic agent, Susan, Caskey must navigate his career and love life in New York City.
Upstairs Landing Productions


1.1 The Offer
Caskey has a meeting with his agent, Susan, about an unusual job offer.

1.2 The Shoot
Caskey gets the job and has the most interesting photo shoot of his career.

Bonus Outtakes: The Shoot
Outtakes from Season 1, Episode Two: “The Shoot”.

1.3 The Show
Caskey and Eva go see Kelly’s newest show.

1.4 The Date
Caskey recounts his date with Greg to Eva. Things are going great, until an unexpected visitor arrives.

1.5 The Billboard
Caskey’s making his debut in Times Square. However, it’s not exactly what he was expecting.

1.6 The Aftermath
Caskey is horrified to see himself as the spokesperson for Drastislim, a diet pill, in Times Square. He calls Susan to see what can be done.

1.7 The Audition
Caskey goes to an audition only to discover he’s not what they’re expecting.

Bonus Outtakes: The Audition
Outtakes from Season 1, Episode Seven: “The Audition”.

1.8 The Scandal
The DrastiSlim scandal has spun out of control, catching national attention. Plus, Kim hasn’t given up on getting Greg back.

1.9 The End
In the SEASON ONE FINALE, Greg has to break some bad news to Caskey about their future.