Nathan—a cigar smoking over-eater desperate for a change in his life—returns to his high school track to get back in shape. He's ready to kick his bad habits and be the fit healthy man he always knew he could be! …But like most over-eaters, his eyes are bigger than his stomach. Shot entirely with an iPhone.

Credits: Produced by Chad Diez

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Art’s Video Journal: Salmon

Season 2, Bonus Video (03:52)

In this new episode, Art Hall covers the different types of food he’s eating to keep in shape. Also, a...

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Season 2 Kickstarter

Season 2, Bonus Video (03:48)

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Art’s Video Journal

Season 2, Video Journal (04:10)

ART’S VIDEO JOURNAL In this first episode we meet Art Hall. The hapless star of the web series “Laps”, who...