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Napoleon Bon Appétit

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Meet the cooking show with a complex. Napoleon Bon Appétit is an original web series featuring Napoleon and his Kitchen Wench as the hosts of their own cooking show. The pair conquer a new recipe every episode, delivering laughs and genuine cooking tips.

Premieres Tuesday, April 3!

Produced by Derek Houck & Katherine Browning


1.1 Chicken Cordon Bleu
Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench prepare a chicken cordon bleu, but Napoleon is more interested in the wine used as an ingredient.

1.2 Crepes
Napoleon has mischief on the mind when he’s given a can of whipped cream.

1.3 Quiche Lorraine
Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench make a quiche. But Napoleon is more interested in their special guest, food critic Terri Reichl.

1.4 Sugar Cookies with Lemon Verbena
Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench are going to make some sugar cookies with lemon verbena. All they need is some flour….

1.5 Cherry Cake
Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench prepare a cherry cake, but the Kitchen Wench makes the mistake of giving Napoleon some sugar.

1.6 Pears Helene
It’s time to make Pears Helene, a delicious dessert. Will Napoleon be able to control himself?

1.7 Stuffed Zucchini
Has Napoleon met his match in the famous French chef, Louisette Caro?

2.1 Valentine’s Day
Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench are getting ready to film season two, but a meddling camera crew causes trouble on set.

2.2 French Toast
Napoleon is feeling down, so the Kitchen Wench makes a batch of french toast to cheer him up.

2.3 Carrot Salad
A battle rages in the kitchen, but Napoleon must face his worst enemy yet when his sister shows up unannounced.

2.4 Truffes Au Chocolat (Chocolate Truffles)
Louisette Caro is back, and she brought chocolate. Will Napoleon be able to stand up to the dominating French chef?

2.5 Barbecue Ribs
Napoleon has to deal with another man in the kitchen when a cowboy named Tex Boone shows Kitchen Wench his barbecue ribs.

2.6 Old-Fashioned Cream Pie
The Kitchen Wench must deal with her feelings for Napoleon when he brings a mistress into the kitchen.

2.7 Ratatouille Nicoise
Tensions are high and problems abound when the Kitchen Wench and Napoleon attempt to make a simple dish, Ratatouille Nicoise.

2.8 Blood Pudding
Napoleon is in a mischievous mood, but that may get him in trouble when he and the Kitchen Wench make blood pudding.