20/20 New Media Productions. Perfect vision, seeing the digital future clearly. We produce, create, distribute, and market film and new media productions. Home of the DC Web Fest.

20/20 New Media is the force behind Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, a popular indie web series that offers a fresh look at the lives of D.C. teens. The show has since finished production. The series has viewership in 146 countries. 20/20 has done work for Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, Random House, and The Washington Ballet. 20/20 New Media is currently working to produce HardDCcore, a coming of age story about a group of high school misfits trying to start a band, and “find themselves”, during the DC hardcore music scene. With 15+ years of experience in production and distribution, 20/20 New Media also offers professional consultations.

Summer 2019 Projects:
HardDCcore, A film about the DC hardcore punk-rock scene in the 1980s.

Hysterical Womxn, highlighting women in tech and the affects of toxic work culture on mental health and well-being.“A direct and personal encounter with peoples’ experience with toxic cultures, done in narrative arcs to address particular areas and experiences. (i.e workplace interactions, micro-aggressions, self-care, types of abuse, etc.)  

Some Past Work: 


  • The Wild West of Film First industry textbook on web series creation and digital storytelling — 348 pages.

  • A series of seven young adult fiction works, in addition to a collection of short stories “Utopia” (2013) and “Green”.


  • Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery At the Smith Center- Photography exhibited in group show, Us+Them=U.S. Finding Common Ground in a Divided Nation

  • National Museum of Women in the Arts- led a Culture Capital “State of the Union” discussion on the role of Women in the Media, in addition to
    screening video art.

  • Fathom Gallery (Official FotoWeek DC Event)- solo still photography exhibition titled This Must be the Place.

  • Artisphere- Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden Season 7 Premier, with hosted open Q&A with audience, media outlets, and

View exhibited works here.