Move over, Oprah โ€” Talk Shows are Dead!
New media-based platform provides interactive alternative to traditional TV format. Tapestry is a source for the progressive and alternative communities to connect with the latest news about non-mainstream entertainment, the arts and fashion trends focusing on self discovery and weaving it all together into a tapestry of the human experience in our time. Instead of us telling people what to think, this new web-based format is building meaning that changes & shifts to accommodate everyone who participates.

Featured in the July/August issue of print magazine Curve and July cover story of print magazine She ยท Praised by Ryan Bos & Bernie Delia of Capital Pride for helping overcome censorship of LGBT content & sharing stories central for global equality

Tapestry Question of the Month

Named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the 20th century, Tenzing Norgay was the Nepalese Sherpa who helped Sir Edmund Hillary climb Mount Everest. As avid mountaineer, Norgay saved Hillary from a fall into a crevice. Like the triumph of Hillary, most success is not achieved single handedly; most successful people have their Norgay. This thus brings us to our Tapestry question of the month:

Who is/was your Norgay in your life?

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