Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden



Individual Performance Nominee: George Ross, Webby Award, 2016

Outstanding Directing, Telly Awards, 2016

Online Video, Telly Awards, 2016

Outstanding Drama Series, Telly Awards, 2015

Outstanding Directing, Telly Awards, 2015

Outstanding Drama Series, Telly Awards, 2014

Outstanding Cinematography, Telly Awards, 2014

Best Web Soap Nominee, Roma Web Fest, 2014

Social Impact Nominee, Roma Web Fest, 2014

Official Honoree: Drama Category, Webby Awards, 2014

Outstanding Lead Actress: Ellen Winter, LA Web Series Festival, 2013

Official Selections, Holly Web Festival, 2013

Official Selection, SXSW OUTlander Festival, 2013

Official SelectionL Drama, 27th Annual Film Fest DC, 2013

Official Honoree, Webby Awards, 2012

Best Supporting Actress: Donnis Collins, LA Web Series Festival, 2012

Best Online Video: Drama Category, Telly Award Winner, 2011 

Outstanding Drama Series, LA Web Series Festival, 2011

Outstanding Cinematography, LA Web Series Festival, 2011

Outstanding Ensemble Nominee, Indie Soap Awards, 2011

Ensemble Drama Nominee, Indie Intertube Awards, 2010


Personal Accolades

Google Next Generation Policy Leader, Dec 2016 - Present

EMPACT Finalist Award for Young Entrepreneurs New York, New York, 2014

Mayoral Certificate of Excellence, Washington, DC , 2013

Honoree, Human Rights Campaign, Palm Springs, CA 2013
Recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for making a positive contribution to the LGBT community, at the Dinah Shore Weekend.

DC Filmmaker of the Month, The DC Film Office, 2011